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End User License Agreement

By clicking Accept, You are asserting that the LaserSoft module(s) you are purchasing [part number LS20/20-2-ES] will be used exclusively with the MILES laser tag CORE or UMT micro boards as originally designed and programmed from the factory purchased from

All FDA/ CDRH class 1 certifications apply only to the use of this device with the MILES core or UMT "micro" laser tag board with their programming un-altered as delivered from the factory. Any use of this module with any other laser tag core components or alterations of the original MILES Core or UMT "micro" board violates class 1 certification and acceptable emission levels (AEL).

The user understands that this module, part number LS20/20-2-ES.The housing, Lens assembly. Wiring and internal electronic components cannot be altered , changed or modified. no optics, lenses reflectors or prisms can be added to this module and retain the class 1 safety certification as per as specified in 21 CFR, Subchapter J, parts 1040.10 & 1040.11

Furthermore, any alterations to or use of the module outside of it's original design or application violates this EULA and any warranties. LaserSoft whole and in part is not responsible for any injury due to violation of this agreement.