about lasersoft

About Us

We are a group of both engineers and enthusiasts in combat re-creationist gaming and historical reenactment. We began with the premise of what was missing from the systems supporting the existing games, and looked hard at the common complaints to come up with a solution that would bring both the accuracy and realism to a whole new level.

One of the most flexible and programmable solutions has always been laser tag. The electronics that allowed for score keeping, sound effects, weapon types, ammo, damage and armor has been on the market for decades. However until now nobody has made the investment in research and development of a CDRH/FDA certified class 1 eye safe laser to take it to the next level. Previous systems using LED technology just could not give you the accuracy that has relegated many laser tag systems as a toy and not as a serious military simulator for actual ballistic combat, outside of actual military hardware.

We made this investment not only for you. but for ourselves as we move forward into a new frontier of combat simulation that closely mirrors the kinds of systems used by the US and other military laser based trainers. And with the flexibility of the system we now can cover and entire gamut of games and scenarios.

Let the games begin!